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*Unless otherwise agreed upon, full payment is required prior to production of your custom. We need to feed the little stooges.

*Any changes to the job will probably cause changes to the price. This includes quantity, print location, color quantity, or the style of item.

*Once your mock-up is approved, Red Letter Apparel will create that item. So, be sure to double-check the spelling, color, artwork, and placement. Red Letter Apparel is not responsible for errors approved in the mock-up after printing.

*Red Letter Apparel will produce 100% of your order to the best of our ability and we'll check all items for quality and consistency. But we live in an imperfect world. If up to 2% of your order is damaged due to circumstances outside of our control (e.g.: machine malfunction) you will not be charged for damaged items. If the damage is over 2% we will replace damaged items instead.

*If your order is damaged during shipping then the carrier will be responsible for those damages. We'll be glad to help with your claim in any way we can, whether it's a custom or retail order.

*Our carriers (UPS, FedEx, or USPS) are having a rough time right now and have stopped honoring guaranteed shipping. If shipping is delayed due to the carrier, Red Letter Apparel is not responsible for paid fees (the extra you paid for rushed shipping). We will revisit this as soon the situation goes back to normal.

*All transactions must be made in USD

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